Most Recent- Contemporary Artwork

          My most recent paintings are a series of colorful photomontages.  I started painting "1990's" by sketching a group of iconic faces in charcoal. I gathered reference photos from online sources to accurately render the realistic forms. I choose to use an analogous color palette to depict a joyous feeling throughout the painting. For a more aesthetic finish i splashed colors of paint over the faces. Characters from cartoon network's dragonball z and futurama are seen in the foreground of the painting along with other iconic faces.  My painting  "Trump Protesters" was inspired by jerome "wrath of medusa". Before i applied the oil paint to the canvas i sketch out two equilateral triangles in charcoal to place the figures on the canvas.  I sticked to the same story as jerome wrath of medusa to illustrate the trump protesters lost at sea. In the background is the presidential helicopter evading the tragic moment. My final painting in this series is called the "mystical dance". This painting is inspired by "edgar degas" the dance foyer at the opera. I used the same architectural structure of the piece and an analogous color scheme. I replace the figures with african dancers. The dancers are illustrated in a crescent displaying their figurative stance. Each dancer is wearing a unique mask that displays their social rank in the room. The figure that wears the white mask holds the highest rank. 

Abstract Paintings - The Zen Series

           Dear art lovers, i would like to talk briefly about the process and conceptualization behind my most recent abstract work. This series of zen paintings are inspired by colors that i see while i meditate. I close my eyes and concentrate on a color and i experience a feeling thats is associated with each one of the colors.  For example with zen 7  I closed my eyes and focused on a blue aquatic color. I remember feeling a sense  of tranquility and expansion.  For Zen 8  i closed my eyes and focused on the color red. I remember feeling excited and full of passion. Finally with Zen 9  i focused on the color yellow. Felling's of joy, happiness and cheerfulness all rushed in to my mind. Now that i had the vision for the work it was time to get it on canvas. Before i applied the oil paint i sketched out some lines of perspective and a horizon line with charcoal. Happy with the perspective i continued to apply the meditative color with a small sized palette knife. I was extremely satisfied with the end result. The zen series was a therapeutic and enlightening time in my artistic career. 

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