Abstract Paintings - The Zen Series

           Dear art lovers, i would like to talk briefly about the process and conceptualization behind my most recent abstract work. This series of zen paintings are inspired by colors that i see while i meditate. I close my eyes and concentrate on a color and i experience a feeling thats is associated with each one of the colors.  For example with zen 7  I closed my eyes and focused on a blue aquatic color. I remember feeling a sense  of tranquility and expansion.  For Zen 8  i closed my eyes and focused on the color red. I remember feeling excited and full of passion. Finally with Zen 9  i focused on the color yellow. Felling's of joy, happiness and cheerfulness all rushed in to my mind. Now that i had the vision for the work it was time to get it on canvas. Before i applied the oil paint i sketched out some lines of perspective and a horizon line with charcoal. Happy with the perspective i continued to apply the meditative color with a small sized palette knife. I was extremely satisfied with the end result. The zen series was a therapeutic and enlightening time in my artistic career. 

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