Scott Benites is a New York art prodigy  to take over the New York and world art scene in 2016. His art is quirky, unique, and gritty filled with socio-political overtones. Each unique piece of Scott's tells a tale of how he feels at a certain place in New York. His interpretation of what New York is speaking to him is placed on the canvas in an eloquent and articulate manner. In Scott's abstract work his paintings still have a deep and profound sense of feeling and the titles give way to truths the abstract curves and colors reveal. From Surreal compositions that stir controversy to a new and exciting twist on Pop Art, Benites is highly regarded as the next Warhol. 

"Dear art lovers, I was born and raised in New York City where i currently live now. I am inspired by David Park, Elmer Bischoff, Hans Hoffman and Wolf Kahn. I Prefer to work in oil paint because the colors are rich and opaque. I like to paint similar to Elmer Bischoff style by using flat color values to establish the forms in my paintings and also use the push and pull theory of Hans Hoffman. I would label my artwork contemporary, modern, and electric. In all, Manhattan is the birthplace of my creativity and it continues to fuel my ideas." - Scott Benites.